Policy on Conflict of Interest

HyQ Research Solutions, LLC is committed to conducting research in a manner that ensures the integrity of the research process and research program. HyQ RS conducts research in accordance with Public Health Service (PHS) regulations:

How to make a request

In accordance with the Public Health Service (“PHS”) Financial Conflict of Interest regulation (42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F and 45 CFR Part 94), HyQ Research Solutions, LLC will make certain information regarding financial conflicts of interest of senior/key personnel on PHS-funded research projects available upon written request. Requests for information regarding such financial conflicts of interest may be made by sending your request to the following address:

HyQ Research Solutions, LLC
Attn:  Research Compliance Manager
2151 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S., STE 208/209
College Station,TX 77840

We will respond within five business days of receipt of a written request. Information that will be made available is the following:

More Information

Policy: Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research (PDF, 408KB)