Dedicated to ceramics.

Accelerate MRI. Increase SNR.

RF coil shells and formers - the HyQ ε - shell TM

We offer a large portfolio of strategies and possibilities to integrate high permittivity materials into your RF coil. Replace the coil former between coil and subject with our materials. Options include:

  • Ceramic composite structures for 7T and higher
  • Monolithic and composite structures for 3T and 1.5T
  • Monolithic and custom structures for x-nuclei

Please reach out to us to talk about your needs.

Benefits of the HyQ ε - shell TM

Use our high permittivity ceramic composite materials for your next coil design. We can help you design partial or full housings. Place high permittivity materials between coil and sample.

  • Increased SNR
  • Increased Throughput
  • Higher resolution images
  • Increased Transmit Efficiency
  • Reduced SAR
  • Fully structurally stable and self supporting
  • Slim, light-weight designs

Custom RF structures and related services

Our services

  • RF design
    • Consulting
    • RF simulations
  • Material design
    • Simulation
    • Specification
    • Procurement
    • Characterization
  • Devices
    • Automatic permittivity characterization devices
    • High permittivity sputter targets
  • Material Processing
    • Press die design / fabrication
    • Powder pressing (150T max)
    • High temperature sintering
    • Ceramics machining (3/4/5 axis)
    • Packaging (Slurries, Composites)

Please reach out to us to talk about your needs.

εr ranges

We are able to offer solutions with the following relative permittivity ranges:

  • 90 - 170
  • 200 - 400
  • 500 - 1,000
  • 1,200 - 6,000
Custom material properties are available at request.

Published structures

We can manufacture the following published structures:

  • 7T
    • 1H Helmet NYU, Collins (Coming soon)
    • 31P Ring UMN/PSU, Chen et al: εr = 1000 (MRI 2017)
  • 3T
    • 1H Flex-Helmet PSU, Sica et al: εr = 1000 (MRM 2019)
    • 1H Helmet NYU, Collins (coming soon)
    • 1H Neck, Yang et al: εr = 500 (JMRI 2013

Types of ceramics

Functional ceramics can be offered as:

  • Solid
    • Chips (any 2D shape)
    • Cuboids (Blocks)
    • Cylinders (Pucks/Disks)
    • Large extensive free-form (Helmets / RF coil liners)
  • Composite
    • Bead slurries
    • Semi flexible dry free-form elements
    • Rigid dry free-form elements
  • Powder slurry
    • Bags
    • Filled 3D printed structures
Other custom assemblies may be possible. Please discuss your options with us.